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Spectacular Lack of Hope - Connecting the dots regarding drug addiction and abuse today…

By Erin Dakins

July 2013

What we have here is a SPECTACULAR LACK OF HOPE sweeping the land, it has infiltrated every city, town, little burg and all the countryside in between. It is everywhere and affects almost every family in this once great nation, however, in the alternative media arena it gets very little attention and perhaps we need to begin targeting this issue in order to facilitate change in the populace.

In the circles that many of us find ourselves traveling at this particular point in our own personal journeys, a great number of us speak about ‘waking’ people up but I grow weary of that term so I will from this point on use the term ‘unplugged’ in reference to being unplugged from the matrix or the hive mind.

We, as a people, as a nation and most of all as loving, caring humans need begin to pay attention to what is going on in our own backyards. A long and endless train wreck of abuses began in earnest January 1, 1994 and it has everything to do with what has gone awry for the people. It was just one mere ‘agreement’ however it was the shot over the bow but many simply did not realize what happened on that day. There were and are many more shots that have been fired upon our ship, but this helped to set in cement the demise of America as we know it.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) took affect and over the next several decades the decay, the shear lunacy began to take its deadly toll across the land, decimating cities, towns and our industrialized nation slowly, agonizingly ground down to the point that now no further momentum can even be seen. Factories are few and far between. Classic American ‘Mom & Pop’ stores have been forced out of business due to chain stores monopolizing profits through cheap, over seas labor and lack of tariffs put on products shipped in to the country meanwhile our cost of shipping American made products to other countries is unprofitable ensuring that we make very little and sell very little – not to mention tax incentives. The trade imbalance is growing with no hope for equality in sight. Quite the contrary as President Obama is in favor of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Think NAFTA was bad, just wait. THEY have turned manufacturing into America’s past while being told we will become a service-oriented workforce yet that has never fully materialized and many of those service jobs are sent overseas as well. For example, don’t you just want to scream when you call a business, such as your cable company, and get a person in a foreign country that you can’t even understand. Ugh. that is beyond frustrating to me! NAFTA was insidious in its inception and designed to destroy the manufacturing base in America thereby devastating the middle class. The middle class is fighting just to breathe and is on life support while the top 1% rule the world. We now have a wrecked economy with many barely keeping food on the table and without food stamps, they would be unable to do so. America once thrived due to the middle class, we were the gem of the world, people in other countries wanted to live here and to embrace the American Dream.

The American Dream is no more. The American nightmare is upon us. A pestilence is sweeping the land and it is called drug abuse. According to the Bible, in Revelation 6:8, famine and pestilence will be a major source of trouble in the later days. And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth. I see drug abuse as a pestilence as it invades the whole of the country from the inside out. Drugs have been around for centuries and many have used them but nothing in the past even comes close to the drug use and abuse we see today. Drug problems affect almost every family, they destroy lives, bring turmoil and chaos into the home. The pestilence is pharmakia and its sorcery has many under its spell.

So, what else has led us down the path of destruction? There would appear to be many factors that have played important roles in this epic disaster that is facing us, but I will keep it short, simple and to the very basic points. Another big factor, I believe, is that the family unit, you remember, the one with a DAD, MOM and CHILDREN is now an endangered species. Destroyed by design, just as our economy has been. How many families actually sit down for dinner at a table and then proceed to eat and converse? Not many these days – it is almost a tradition of the past. A family unit where parents love, discipline and spend time with their children is a rarity. Instead, mothers have been forced by indoctrination via the government operated educational system to attend college, seek gainful employment and become career-oriented and those that embrace being stay-at-home moms are thought less of in today’s society. Now ladies, you can be angry with this statement, but it will not alter the hard fact that children need their mothers at home. This brings security and stability to the family. I did attend Purdue University and was indoctrinated just as many others were – so I speak from experience here. It was really never a question of attending college or not, it was expected. I did have a career as a Registered Veterinary Technician and I worked in practice for 25 years – but, I worked only 2 days per week so most of my time was spent at home with my children. I raised my children, not day care workers. Many mothers are also forced by economic necessity to work to make ends meet – and the reasons behind this are another article! So, in essence, the children become independent of parental influence and guidance as they become part of the system in which the schools take over the role of parents by forming and shaping them to fit in the one-size-fits-all category and not challenging the minds of our children to think independently and embrace being different one from the other. Horrible, brain scrubbing TV programming and video games have become baby sitters and mind occupiers taking the place of talk, reading and exploration. Today cell phones, Facebook and Twitter take the place of real relationships. The virtual world has become the real world for many of our youth so much so that they don’t have the necessary emotional tools to develop lasting and binding relationships built on trust, love and friendship. The virtual world has in itself become escapism.

We have become a throw-away society in which this current generation of youth is being hauled to the curb to hang out with the trash. Parent(s) let the children do what they want, when they want with no rules or expectations. Did you have a curfew? How many children do today? Not many. No boundaries. No limits. Many parents just simply don’t want the fight, the battle of wills but simply give in and let do to make life simpler and less stressful. Many parent(s) are tired and the stress of just paying the bills makes them simply not want the argument – they just want peace and quiet so it is easier to give in. Sadly, as well, sometimes a parent will also try to be friends with their children believing wrongly that this will bring harmony and make them closer. It does not. Children have friends, they need strong parents to teach and guide them, to set rules and give structure. Raising your children with firmness, love, direction, guidance and the truth regarding the world around them will give them the edge they need to survive and become who they were intended to become. I have been richly blessed by my Creator to have been given the children that I have and I believe that to those given much, much is expected – this is why I do what I do in order to ignite that spark of hope and truth in others. We all must do our part. Your children, your neighbors children, all children are our future.

The top 1% that control the world and have been incrementally changing the core of America into a fascist feudal system have succeeded in destroying the job market leaving emptiness in the wake. This generation has nothing to work toward and very few, if any good paying jobs to attain. They have only empty, crumbling shells where once proud factories operated and provided for the American middle class – think of Detroit. They have nothing to stake their future on and the landscape is very bleak.

Families are rare. Jobs are rare. The only goal is survival and escapism. Many find the only place in which to escape are drugs and alcohol. Being high or being drunk is a way to not face the dark and looming future of nothingness and emptiness. The escape quickly becomes all-encompassing and all-consuming to the point that the only thing that matters is the escape, the high. That place where life-thoughts and the future just don’t matter. Where broken families, hopelessness and lack of any future are pushed to the deepest, darkest recesses of the mind. The high takes control, it is the pestilence that rules this nation. It has crept and slunk into every socioeconomic class and no family is immune from it. It may begin innocuously with a simple beer just to try it, a few hits off a friends blunt or taking a pill because you were told it would make you feel really good. The beginning, no matter where it all began, will end. How the end happens is a roll of the dice – many will never have a problem but many will develop addiction, end up in prison or death will chase them down. Many become so addicted nothing else matters. They begin to steal just small things at first, maybe just a few bucks here and there that no one really notices but escalation creeps in quickly. Soon, jewelry, tools and other items that are easy to sell quickly on the street or pawn begin to disappear from family and friends. Many young women sell sex to get high either for money to buy drugs or to partake of someone else's stash. Don’t think that happens in your little town? Think again. Once the family realizes what is going on they begin to hide money and valuables. The lies become life as the addict fights to keep the high. The trust factor is gone and the family dissension begins. Relationships crumble. The watching, the yelling, the pleas are echoed in homes all around the nation. Help is hard to give to someone who doesn’t want it, someone who won’t admit there is a problem. The addict cannot let go of the ESCAPE from reality and pain, whatever the source. They have no hope, What do they have to look forward to? Ask yourselves that simple question. If we cannot galvanize a mass unplugging and we continue to let the government push the drugs to fund the death of a nation then where is there any hope? If the family dies so does the nation. If hope is not recovered then emptiness remains. How many loving, bright and intelligent minds who could have made real lasting impacts on humanity have been lost because of the 1% that rule? We will never know. Whether dealt on the streets or delved out by the pharmaceutical companies, the results are still the same. The US Government is a world leader in drug running and thereby “Say No To Drugs” and the drug war are merely mind games they play in order to destroy our humanity and keep us controlled.

If this pestilence has infected your family, blame the 1%.

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