Without the help, work and dedication of these folks, The Truth Traveler would not be reality. Each and every one of them has a a special gift and a part they play in the grand scheme of all things.  A heart-felt THANK YOU goes out to each of them!  

Brad Dakins aka my husband who has been patient with me, enduring dinners on-the-fly and my hours on the computer making this show come together.  And, most of all for just loving me.

Marie Gunther has been a Guest and Program  Producer in the radio arena for many years.  She found me out of obscurity and has mentored me all this time.  She saw something in me and has brought me along this path.  She has become a large part of my life and gives me encouragement to follow my dream.  Marie is energy unto herself and selfless in her dedication to her friends and family!  Marie is the backbone, aka the brains, of this venture.

Sheila Schultz came into my life several years ago via Marie and in her I have found a kindred spirit as well as a dedicated and wonderful friend!  Through many life and death hardships, Sheila has the capacity to love and to care and wants to help others always.  I thank her for her protective nature and friendship she offered me unconditionally.

Sandi Connally aka my mom.  She is a wonderful, vivacious lady who raised me to think outside of the box and embrace being different - she gives me the strength to believe that I CAN do anything!

Jeff Fletcher and I became acquainted through Youngevity last year and immediately discovered we had the same quirks and oddities in what interested us from ancient technology to the bible.  He has become a wonderful sounding board and someone who keeps odd hours such as I do - he is always up and on the computer at 2 in the morning when I have discovered something new!  I thank him for his patience and for enduring the weirdness!  

Dennis Harris M.D. aka Doc occupies a very special place in my heart for without him this show would have never been possible - thank you Doc!  He continues to play a large part in my life by giving generously of not only of his friendship but also up-to-date health information so that we can help others - he is always there for “The Gang.”

Special Thanks to others who are actively playing significant roles in The Truth Traveler…

Pastor Butch Paugh is much more than just a boss - as I am the Guest and Program Producer for his nationally syndicated talk radio show “Call to Decision” - he is my mentor as well and a great friend.  He has helped me so much along this path and has always been there for me - I love him dearly.  

There are 2 men who had a large part to play in who I am today , where I have gone and where I am going now.  If it were not for these 2 men answering my phone calls - a nobody in Indiana - this show and the awesome people I have met along the way would not be a reality.  Greg Evensen and Kurt Wilson both took time to talk to me and helped me begin to prep and to wake up.  Thank you Greg and Kurt!

Ted Anderson owns Genesis Communications Network and he has generously given me air time enabling me to go forward with what I am led to do and allowing me to help others.  Thank you Ted!

All the guys at GCN that are helping me - what a fantastic and wonderful group!  Thank you!

Harry Grothjohn is a new person in my life but he is generously streaming my show live on his AM 1470 WBCR radio station in Maryville/Knoxville, Tennessee.   Thank you Harry!

A special thanks to Dr. John Waterman  for his friendship, help and counsel as we all travel our paths and learn what we can while living on this wonderful planet EARTH!

Meet the Gang…

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist